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Poster of a Girl

v. prettyinblue

19 August
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On the girlie.
A somewhat quiet 24-year-old brainy girl, with an uncommon love for all things History, TV and Amy Acker. Not afraid of make her opinion public knowlegde or stand out/blend in. That's Obsessive. has Arthritis. is sarcastic. is a passionate atheist. is active in FNUG (Young with Athritis). loves her Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator. loves her online friends and her offline bff and bf. and too big a pictures/screen caps archive. fan fiction addict. has bad LJ karma. adores the quirky. does like her new frames. loves her Australian twin very much. is a 3rd year humanities/media (mostly media but plans on branching out) student at AU (University of Aarhus)
- Taken from Raptured Lights.com

On the LiveJournal.
Coding was done by milou_veronica.

This is a personal journal - for art journal go to massive_tiny.

Some frivolous fun ...

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